Assorted candy in an Easter-themed Box, beautifully presented with hand-tied bow. Free Delivery and yes, we will deliver on Easter Sunday if you like for an extra charge...just click on Easter Sunday Delivery under the Easter products (extra charge may incur for locations outside OMG's free delivery zone).

All Candy!

    • Easter Themed Box

    • Starburst Candy 92g

    • Skittles 92g

    • Ring Pop

    • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans 40g

    • Kinder Surprise Egg 20g

    • Tootsie Pops x 7

    • Tootsie Roll Midgies

    • Bubble Gum Easter Eggs 24g

    • Fun Dip x 3 (not shown)

    • Pixie Stix (not shown)

    • Assorted Lindor Lambs and Chicks (not shown)

    • Skittles 92g