Do you know  a little boo or ghoul who can’t make it out for trick-or-treating this year? Maybe they are stuck in the hospital? Then send them this  bucket of treats to let them know that they are not forgotten! Includes a good supply of chips, chocolate and candy as well as some some fun Halloween-themed activities. We can even add more stuff if you like!

Boos and Ghouls

    • Purple Jack ‘o Lantern Bucket

    • Assorted Chips x 4

    • Rockets 135g

    • Dubble Bubble 90g

    • Ring Pop

    • Marshmallow Broomies x 2 10g

    • Assorted Mini Chocolate Bars x 15

    • Frankenstein Head and Skull with Candy x 2

    • Assorted Colours Play Doh x 4

    • Halloween Tattoos

    • Halloween Sticker Kit