A thoughtful gift of goodies at an affordable price! Includes Fudge-covered pretzels, Toffifee, all-butter shortbread imported from Scotland, caramel corn, Lindt Chocolate Bar, Hershey’s Christmas Kisses, Jelly Bellys, Marshmallow Santas,  Hot Chocolates and Candy Canes (not shown) and other treats. Beautifully wrapped in holiday colours with a large hand-tied bow.

Santa's Here

    • Rold Gold Fudge-covered Pretzels 198g

    • Toffifee 100g

    • Cottage Country Caramel Corn or Chicago Mix 175g

    • Hershey's HoHoHo Kisses 88g

    • Waterbridge Cookie Barrel 100g

    • Waterbridge Just Creams 100g

    • Lindt Chocolate Bar 100g

    • Ferrero Rocher 38g

    • Jelly Bellys 40g 

    • Patersons Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers 150g

    • Russell Stover Marshmallow Santas 28g x 2

    • Assorted Flavoured Hot Chocolate x 2

    • Candy Canes x 2

    • 10"l x 8"w x 12"h