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Looking for a gift that is both thoughtful and affordable? Look no further than our Santa's Here gift basket! This basket is filled with delicious treats including fudge-covered pretzels, imported all-butter shortbread, a Lindt chocolate bar, Hershey's Christmas Kisses, Jelly Bellys, candy canes, Belgian chocolate coins, and crispy thins. Each item is carefully selected for its high quality and delicious taste. The basket is beautifully wrapped in holiday colors and topped with a large hand-tied bow, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Santa's Here

    • Red and Green Round Basket

    • Rold Gold Fudge-covered Pretzels 198g

    • Hershey's Holiday Kisses 78g

    • Biscoff Cookies 250g

    • Lindt Chocolate Bar 100g

    • Werthers Caramels 70g

    • Jelly Bellys 40g 

    • Patersons Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers 150g

    • Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate Coins 75g

    • Candy Canes  and Ghiradelli and Reeses Holiday treats

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