Another great gift for the coffee lover! Nestled in a basket are Italian, Arabica, Colombian and Organic coffees, as well as Tortuga Rum Cake, Danish Butter Cookies, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip mini cookies and Pirouline Hazelnut Chocolate Wafers. Comes with an Ikea glass coffee/tea maker and a ceramic 'Sip Happens' convertible travel mug (has a removable plastic insert for travel) as well as a magnet with a funny coffee quote. Finished off beautifully with a large hand-tied bow.

Sip Happens

Magnet - choose one
    • Woven  Basket

    • Ikea Coffee/Tea Maker

    • Tortuga Rum Cake (Blue Mountain Coffee Flavour) 112g

    • Zavida Organica Organic 100% Arabica Coffee 56g 

    • Zavida 100% Colombian Coffee 56g 

    • Cimo 100% Arabica Coffee 56g 

    • Lavazza Rossa Coffee 250g

    • "Sip Happens" Convertible Ceramic Mug

    • Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers 92g

    • Royal Castle Danish Butter Cookies Tin 125g

    • Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies 56g x 2

    • Magnet