Snacks and plenty of 'em! Cookies, candy, pepperoni, chocolate, popcorn and cheese...we've covered all the bases. Comes beautifully wrapped with a hand-tied bow.


    • Anna's Ginger Thins 150g

    • Flame Bar 40g

    • Babybels 2x20g

    • Balderson Old Cheddar 2x21g

    • Russell Stover Caramels 69g

    • Hot Rod 2x19g

    • Jack Link's Pepperoni 2x22g

    • Jelly Bellys 84g

    • Mrs. Fields Cookie 60g

    • Hershey's Mix 56g

    • Orville Redenbacher Sweet n Salty Kettlecorn 70g

    • Popcorners 32g

    • Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces 60g