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Welcome to OMG Gift Baskets, Flowers and Gifts


OMG Gift Baskets & Flowers creates Gift Baskets you won't find anywhere else, along with beautiful 

Floral Bouquets, Balloons and Plush Animals of all kinds.

Please note that our accent colours and bows are chosen according to the season and occasion. So, even though certain colours are shown in the pictures, be assured that they will be appropriate for you!

We are currently not doing same day deliveries.

Nor are we doing deliveries to any Halifax hospitals, with the exception of Dartmouth General.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

On a side note.... PLEASE provide your recipient's phone number. We need the info.

Often your friends have NO IDEA they are getting a delivery, and,

of course, surprises can be lovely so we want to preserve the mystique.

But, addresses can be wrong, they can be out of town, etc....well, you get it. Thank you.

Large Crate of Chocolates, Nuts, Variety of Cheeses and Crackers
Crate of Wine, Cheeses, Crackers, Grapes, Bread and a Cheese Board with Laguiole Spreader
Welcome New Baby!
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