Do you remember when your world was ruled by candy and how to get it? Well, we do, too! In fact, not much has changed, except replace 'candy' with 'wine'....oh, wait, that is the 40-something me talking, sorry... Ahem, where was I? Yes, yes, of course....Bags of Chips in 5-cent AND 10-cent bags, popsicles that were wonder we were raiding the bottoms of our mother's purses for pennies! Well, we have managed to find some of our old favourites, and we know you're going to love this! Y'know it's funny...I keep switching between 'we' and 'I'. There actually is no 'we', unless I count my other personalities. So, please, humour 'me' and play along with the 'we'. For now, anyway. Till we get some psychiatric help. This fantastic, groovy, dy-no-mite basket includes:

70's Sugar High

    • Rockin' Lime Green Box (can hold stash, mood rings, etc, later)

    • Lucky Elephant Pink Popcorn 70g

    • Dubble Bubble 90g

    • Pixy Stix x 12 pcs

    • Rockets! Tootsie Pops x 7 pcs

    • Fun Dip 42.5g

    • Laffy Taffy 42.5g (not to be confused with 'wacky tabacky')

    • Cherry Blossom 45g

    • Pop Rocks 9.5g

    • Popeye Tasty Candy Sticks 16g (ha ha...STICKS! Get it? They are in no way, shape or form, made to resemble cigarettes! Except when we were kids and they were called candy cigarettes. They even made bubble gum ones wrapped in paper...when you blew through them...I never inhaled, swear to God...a little puff of smoke came out!)

    • Tootsie Roll 70g (happily, some things never change)

    • Thrills (still tastes like soap! Now it even says so on the package!)

    • Curly Wurly 90g (okay, I know what you're thinking...what is a BRITISH confectionery doing in a 70's basket? Well, the C.W. is the closest thing to a WigWam that I can find. A lot smaller, mind you, but still has that caramel shape covered with lovely milk chocolate! And, let's face it, those Brits know candy, where do you think Cadbury is located?)

    • Twizzler Cherry Nibs 225g

    • Tootsie Roll Midgies 119g

    • Macintosh Toffee 45g or Mike n Ike Candy