Repeat after me: We're all individuals! A great selection of treats, all bite-sized and ready to eat! Plenty to go around, this basket includes chocolate, trail mix, Jelly Bellys, brownies, cookies, popcorn, almonds, peanuts, chocolate covered almonds and pretzel pieces. A great thank you or holiday gift for an office.

Bite Size Grab n Go

    • Sweet Mills Caramel Brownie 24g x 4

    • OMG Chocolate Covered Almonds 45g x 2

    • Jelly Bellys 38g x 2

    • Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn 57g x 2

    • OMG Caramel Corn 120g

    • Mrs. Fields Cookie 60g x 2

    • Hershey’s Mix 56g x 2

    • Planter’s Peanuts 60g x 2

    • Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces 60g x 2

    • Honey and/or BBQ Peanuts 60g x 2

    • Blue Diamond Almonds 23g x 4

    • Brookside Chocolate Snacks 20g x 6

    • Celebration Mini Cookies 26g x 4

    • Hershey Mini Chocolate Bars 10g x 10

    • Assorted Lindor Chocolate Balls 13g x 6