All the best for the chocolate lover! A large box of assorted Swiss chocolates,  Godiva Chocolates, Lindt Chocolate Bars,  box of Lindor Chocolates, Turtles, Toffifee, Toblerone, chocolate fingers, biscuits and Ferrero Rocher chocolates and hot chocolate as well as much more. Stylishly presented with extra large bow in a lovely sturdy re-usable metal tub. We had to paint it here to make it less shiny for the camera. Much better in person!

Chocolate Paradise

    •  Oval Metal Container
    •  Prestige Swiss Chocolates 500g
    • Godiva Chocolates 420g
    • Lindt Lindor Chocolates 120g
    • Lindt 70% Dk Chocolate Bar 100g
    • Lindt White Chocolate Bar 100g
    • Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
    • Rold Gold Fudge Covered Pretzels198g
    • Belgian Chocolates 160g (Not Shown)
    • Waterbridge Cookie Barrel 100g
    • Toffifee 100g
    • Just Creams
    • Brookside Dark Chocolate covered acai, pomegranate and blueberry snacks 2 x 20g
    • Celebration Cookies 25g x 2
    • Toblerone 50g
    • Hot Chocolate x 4
    • Ferrero Rocher 3 pk
    • Turtles 3 pk
    • Crispy Chocolate Belgian Thins 125g
    • Reisen Chocolate Caramels
    • Celebration Cookies x 2