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Our Crate of Goodies with Wine is the perfect gift for any occasion. This delightful crate includes a bottle of Italian Red and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, as well as a large wheel of French Brie, extra-old cheddar, Havarti or Edam, and Boursin. To complement the cheeses, we've included artisan crackers and an assortment of Carr's crackers. As a sweet treat, we've added a box of Swiss Chocolates and Shortbread from Scotland. To top it all off, this crate comes with cashews and is packaged in a large reusable wooden crate. It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine and cheese. We also do this basket sans wine, if you are looking for a non-alcohol version. Please note, picture not exactly as shown, but very close. Also, please note that colours and bows are chosen according to the season and occasion. So, even though certain colours are shown in the pictures, be assured that they will be appropriate for you!

Crate of Goodies with Wine

    • Large Sturdy Wooden Crate
    • Masi Campofiorin 750ml
    • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand )  750ml
    • Lindt Praline or Godiva Chocolates 490g
    • Presidents French or Normandie Double Creme Brie 500g
    • Colliers Extra Mature Cheddar 400g
    • Balderson Cheddar Cheese 250g
    • Boursin Garlic and Fine Herb Cheese 150g
    • Castello Aged Havarti 200g or Other Cheese 
    • Carr's Cracker Collection ( 3 varieties) 300g
    • Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps x 2 150g 
    • Poppycock 300g
    • Planters Cashews Tin 200g
    • Crispy Belgian Chocolate Thins 125g
    • Patersons Specialty Shortbread Fingers 150g x 2   
    • Biscoff Cookies 250 g
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