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This is the perfect gift for whenever you want goodies that can just be eaten out of the basket. It contains a good blend of healthy food and treats. It includes seasonal fruit such as (but not including all) grapes, bananas, apples, plums, Asian pears, and treats like mini cookies, trail mix, nuts, caramel corn and individual cheeses. All things that are easy to eat out of hand. As always, wrapped up beautifully with a gorgeous bow! Please note, not exactly as shown, it's nicer. 

Easy to Eat!

  • A variety of Seasonal fruit such as: Grapes Apples Pears Asian Pear Bananas Plums Strawberries Cherries Blue Diamond Almonds 18 g Balderson Extra Old Cheddar 20g Babybel 22g Planter's Peanuts 60g Blue Diamond Almonds 23g Hersheys Mix 56g OMG Trail Mix 84g Popcorners 32g Mini Celebration Cookies x 2
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