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Lovely gift for a couple! Features a luxurious Ladies Daniel Buchler microfiber bathrobe in white and a plush Mens Tommy Hilfiger microfiber bathrobe in navy blue, as well as mugs and a variety of teas, coffees and biscuits to enjoy while kicking back on a leisurely Sunday morning. Beautifully wrapped with a hand-tied bow in a large faux leather tote big enough to use later for towels, magazines or anything else. 

Sunday Morning

    • Large Faux Leather Tote

    • Ladies Daniel Buchler Plush Microfiber Bathrobe (Default size is L; let us know if you require M or XL)

    • Mens Tommy Hilfiger Plush Microfiber Bathrobe (Size L/XL)

    • Flower Mug or Mikasa Mug

    • Pastel Mug or Mikasa Mug

    • Zarida Organic Coffee 56g

    • Zarida 100% Columbian Coffee 56g

    • Cimo 100% Arabica Coffee 56g

    • Box of Assorted Twining Teas 40g (20bags)

    • Kambly Florentine Biscuits 2x100g

    • Lemon Cakes 2x56g

    • Dimensions: Approx 16”x14”x28”

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