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Here are some awesome treats for your favourite backyard chef! Comes in a large party tub that is great for holding cold beverages on ice. Includes a deluxe wooden grill scraper, metal skewers, beer can chicken roaster, grill stone, "Grill Master" napkins and serving baskets with paper liners. Also features a cedar plank, flavoured organic olive oil, Dave's famous sauce (made here in Nova Scotia), Stockyard or other artisan barbeque sauce, Montreal steak spice and a chef's hat. Treats to eat include Cajun Mix and nuts and the chef even gets his or her own hard plastic reusable "Red Solo Cup". Add a few craft beers for an even nicer gift. Great for Father's Day. Not exactly as shown, but very close.Comes beautifully wrapped with a hand-tied bow.

Grill Master

    • Oval Plastic Tub
    • Wooden Grill Scraper
    • Beer Can Chicken Roaster
    • Silicone Basting Brush
    • Metal Skewers, set of 6
    • Grill Stone 
    • Food Serving Baskets with Liners
    • Napkins
    • Chef Hat
    • Cedar Plank
    • Stockyard or other Barbeque Sauce 439 ml
    • Terra Delyssa Organic Oil with Red Pepper or Basil or Garlic 250 ml
    • Dave's Sauce 450 ml
    • La Grille Montreal Steak Spice 60g
    • Cajun Mix
    • Planter's Almonds or Cashews 200g
    • Red Solo Cup 

    Please note: Ales shown not included, may be purchased separately


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