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More bite-sized goodies to feed a crowd or a bunch of really hungry people! A great selection of treats, all bite-sized and ready to eat! Plenty to go around, this basket includes chocolate, trail mix, Jelly Bellys, brownies, cookies, popcorn, almonds, peanuts, chocolate covered almonds raisins or cashews, chips, Crispers, hot rods and much more. A great thank you or holiday gift, and lavishly presented. Note that picture does not show all of the contents, and for holiday gifts, we do substute some chocolate seasonal items.

Large Bite Size Grab n Go

    • Pillsbury Brownie 24g x 4

    • Chocolate Covered Almonds or Raisins or Cashews x 4

    • Jelly Bellys 38g x 4

    • Crispers x 2

    • Combination of Popcorners, Cheesies and or Chips x 8

    • Caramel Corn or Chocolate Belgian Crispy Thins 120 - 135g

    • Grandma Molasses Cookie 2 pk 60g x 4

    • Planter’s Peanuts 60g x 2

    • Hot Rods x 2

    • Honey and/or BBQ Peanuts or Trail Mix 60g x 4

    • Blue Diamond Almonds 23g x 4

    • Brookside Chocolate Snacks 20g x 6

    • Celebration Mini Cookies 26g x 6

    • Hershey Mini Chocolate Bars 10g x 10 (or Seasonal Substitute)

    • Assorted Lindor Chocolate Balls 13g x 6

    • Welchs or Sunkist fruit gummies x 8

    • Orange Cups x 2

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