This has everything! Sweets, nuts, chocolates, cheeses, crackers and all good things! Comes in a beautiful sturdy grey basket or galvanized tub, depending on availability (both are great to reuse for storage) and includes a large box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Boursin, Spreadable Old Balderson, a big box of Waterbridge English biscuit and cookie assortment, two kinds of Carr's crackers, peanuts, two full-sized tins of  mixed nuts, cashews or almonds , Toblerone, Turtles, caramels and single serving chocolates and other goodies. Not exactly as shown, but pretty close.

XL Sweets, Nuts and Cheese

    • Large Grey Basket or Galvanized Tub

    • Ferrero Rocher 600g (not Golden Gallery) or Lindt Connaisseur Pralines 402g

    • Waterbridge All Gold Collection Biscuits 320g

    • Planter's Sea Salted Cashews or Almonds Tin 200g

    • Planters's Deluxe Mixed Nuts Tin 250g

    • Balderson Spreadable Cheddar 

    • Carr's Table Water Crackers 125g 

    • Carr's Cheese Melts Crackers 150g

    • Balderson Old Cheddar x 2

    • Babybel x 2  

    • Turtles 3 pk 50g

    • Toblerone 50g

    • Boursin Garlic and Fine Herb Soft Cheese 150g

    • Munchies Honey Peanuts 55g x 2

    • Munchies BBQ Peanuts 55g x 2

    • Werthers Creamy Caramels Individually Wrapped 130g

    • Brookside Dark Chocolate covered acai, pomegranate and blueberry snacks 6 x 20g

    • 16"l x 11"w x 17" t