A great variety of full-sized sweet and savoury snacks, nuts, popcorn and Nova Scotia craft beers (not exactly as shown)in a large metal tub that will come in handy after the eats are gone! Great as an ice bucket! As always, presented with panache. Note: tub is shown painted, because, dang, shiny metal things are hard to photograph! But they sure do look good live and in person.

Snacks and Ales featuring Nova Scotia Craft Beers

    • Large Metal Tub
    • Nova Scotia Craft Ale and Pilsener beers x 3 (let us know if you have a preference)
    • Chicago American Caramel Corn 141 g
    • Covered Bridge Kettle Chips 170g (let us know if you have a flavour preference)
    • David Roberts Peanuts 300g (not shown)
    • Snyders Cheddar Pretzel Pieces 240g
    • Planter's Mixed Nuts 300g
    • Planter's Almonds or Cashews 250g
    • Reisen Chcolate Caramels 70g
    • Pillar's Pepperoni Stick 25g
    • Pillar's Salami Whip 15g
    • Lindt Chocolate Bar 100g