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A mug, lovely variety of assorted teas, biscuits and chocolate in a basket...beautifully presented with a hand-tied bow! 

Tea, Biscuits and Chocolate

    • Wire Muslin-Lined Basket

    • Assorted Twining Teas

    • Assorted Tazo Teas

    • Cheerful Colourful Mug 

    • Le Clerc Cookies 300g

    • Biscoff Cookies 125g

    • Celebration Mini Cookies x 2

    • Pirouline Hazelnut Wafers 92g

    • Belgian Chocolate Crispy Thins 150g

    • Crispy Rice Square  25g

    • Brownie 30g

    • Ferrero Rocher 3pk

    • Lindor Milk Chocolate 3pk

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